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What’s WalkEGNOS?

  • WalkEGNOS is a website where users can upload/ download GPS tracks enhanced with EGNOS corrections and allows you to interact with people loving mountain.
  • WalkEGNOS is a project co-funded by European Commission within the 7th framework program.
  • WalkEGNOS is a place where the pictures uploaded by users will suggest new ideas for mountain hikes.
...Most important, WalkEGNOS is for free.

How is WalkEGNOS able to provide certified tracks?

WalkEGNOS exploits EGNOS capabilities allowing both an improvement of GPS-only accuracy and, at the same time, an estimation of the error done in the computation of the user position.

For further information on how WalkEGNOS provides EGNOS enhanced tracks, feel free to have a look to the WalkEGNOS guide.

For further information on EGNOS and European programmes in global navigation satellite system (GNSS) field, visit the following websites:

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