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Punta Gardetta
A skyalp ride in the Germanasca Valley ...
Paranco EXPERTS 2 hrs
Montebenedetto Abbey
A walk in the chestnut woods towards the ancient Montebenedetto Abbey founded in the XII century. ...
Paranco VERY EASY 1 hrs
Casa Canada
The path leading to Casa Canada, the base point for the Rocca Sbarua climbing site. ...
Paranco VERY EASY 0.3 hrs
Rocca Morel
The path towards the Rocca Morel climbing site starting from Roreto hamlet, Roure (TO) ...
Paranco EASY 0.5 hrs
Alpe della Balma refuge
Walk to the Alpe della Balma refuge. ...
Paranco EASY 2 hrs
Sagnalonga - Lago Nero
An easy and relaxing walk from the Sagnalonga Hanlet towards the Lago Nero ...
Gianluca VERY EASY 1 hrs
Gypsum mine
Descent from the Gypsum mine directrly towards the Signols hamlet through the wood. ...
Gianluca EASY 0.5 hrs
Colle dei Detriti
A walk along the normal way to Mount Argentera, climbs the very steep rocky slope. ...
Chionomys CHALLENGING 1.5 hrs
Nasta Valley
An attempt towards the Nasta glacial lake, impaired by the snow. ...
Chionomys CHALLENGING 1 hrs
Arpy Lake
A nice walk towards high altitude alpine lakes, with a beautiful view on the Mont Blanc. ...
Chionomys MEDIUM 4 hrs
Remondino Refuge
An intense walk up to the downlooking Remondino Refuge. ...
Chionomys EASY 1.5 hrs
Colle della Vecchia
The Colle della Vecchia (Old woman pass) is a mountain pass in the Alps, located between the Province of Biella and Aosta valley. ...
OpenSkyRunner MEDIUM 3.5 hrs
1° Mont Avic Trail
Tre track of the first Mont Avic trail competition (12/10/2013), in the beautiful Mont Avic regional park. ...
OpenSkyRunner EASY 1.5 hrs
The track of the famous trail running competition "Arrancabirra", in Courmayeur. ...
OpenSkyRunner MEDIUM 4 hrs
Naso del Lyskamm
A suggestive journey, at the foot of the southern walls of Lyskamm. This course is one of the most important parts of the historic ...
DarLljoiter EXPERTS 3.5 hrs
Punta Leretta
A short walk in the wood at the begninning of Mont Mars natural park, up to Leretta peak, where the outlook ranges between Monviso ...
DarLljoiter EASY 1 hrs
La via dei Cantoni
The way of the "Cantoni" is an exciting path that leads to the discovery of ancient villages in the high Valchiusella valley, in a ...
DarLljoiter EASY 2 hrs
Lei Kier
DarLljoiter MEDIUM 2 hrs
Coda hut - Lei Kier
In the middel of Mont Avic Natural park, alogn the Aosta valley "Alta Via" number 1. Starting from Coda mountain hut, crossing lag ...
DarLljoiter MEDIUM 3.3 hrs
Lillianes - Coda hut
Along the Aosta valley "Alta Via" number 1 (second step), from Lillianes village to Coda mountain hut ...
DarLljoiter MEDIUM 3 hrs
Castor is a mountain of Monte Rosa chain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Valais, Switzerland and Aosta Valley (Italy). I ...
DarLljoiter EXPERTS 3 hrs
Rifugio Quintino Sella al Felik
Quintino Sella is a mountain hut in the Monte Rosa chain. The trali starts in Bettaforca pass, reachable from Gressoney-La-Trinité ...
DarLljoiter CHALLENGING 2.5 hrs
Muhni loop
A short loop, in the upper San Grato Valley, marker 1A. Starting from Muhni alp, first the Issime lakes are reached. Then it is po ...
DarLljoiter MEDIUM 2 hrs
Becca Torché
A magnificent pyramid-shaped rocky summit, 3016 meters high, located in Lys Valley, on the border with Ayas Valley. Along with Bec ...
DarLljoiter CHALLENGING 4.5 hrs
Montagne Seu
A nice walk in the wood with little ascent to reach Refuge Daniele Arlaud which offers delicious meals. ...
Gianluca VERY EASY 2 hrs
Cravetto bivouac, Mont Nery
Along the track of Mont Nery trail competition, in the wild Bourine Valley, under the Mont Nery peak. ...
DarLljoiter CHALLENGING 3.5 hrs
Burinne and San Grato valleys crossing
DarLljoiter MEDIUM 3 hrs
Gypusm mine (Oulx)
This easy path follows mainly an unpaved road till an old gypsum mine active ultill the 1962. ...
Gianluca VERY EASY 1 hrs
Pian del Sole
An easy walk from Les Arnaud to Pian del Sole ...
Gianluca EASY 0.7 hrs
Becca Morion
On the summit of Becca Morion (2719 m) from the Lliée shelter ...
Gianluca EXPERTS 0.5 hrs
Bivacco Lliée
Path to the Lliée shelter via Tza di Verdona and Col d'Arpeyssau (2492). ...
Gianluca MEDIUM 5 hrs
Via dei Pellegrini
A footpath linking Rivoli and Avilgliana through a wooden hill. ...
Gianluca EASY 2 hrs
Second part of test Torino-Lavernose ...
AntonioDefina EXPERTS 2 hrs
Battery duration test performed with a car (first part). ...
AntonioDefina EXPERTS 6 hrs
Pic des Trois Seigneus (2/2)
Medium level hiking in Pyrénées in France. ...
Olivier MEDIUM 0.9 hrs
Pic des Trois Seigneus (1/2)
Medium level hiking in Pyrénées in France. ...
Olivier MEDIUM 1.5 hrs
Serrù Lake Losa Pass
This striking trail in the heart of the National Park of Gran Paradiso leads to the French border with a various path almost reach ...
Marco EXPERTS 2.5 hrs
A short hike close to the village ...
Gianluca VERY EASY 0.15 hrs
Lago inferiore di Valscura
The trip allows you to reach the Lower Lake of Valscura, which is one of the larger lakes in the Val Gesso. Starting from the nar ...
Gianluca MEDIUM 2 hrs
Colle di Finestra
This is a long path that stating from San Giacomo di Entracque reach the French Border after an easy but long walk along the Vallo ...
Gianluca MEDIUM 4 hrs
Alpe Scandalorso
The starting point is in Rassa (996 meters, near Vercelli). The ideal final destination of such path is Alpe Sorbella, however, du ...
jacopo MEDIUM 4 hrs
Munhi - Col Dondeuil - Munhi
The path starts from the ancient Alpe Muhni which lies on a small plateau at the edge of the larch wood. The small bunch of baitas ...
Hiker75 MEDIUM 1.5 hrs
Trovinasse - Colma di Mombarone
At the end of the paved road (after the Trovinasse village), follow the sign for Mombarone. The path unwinds in mixedwood before t ...
Gianluca EASY 2.5 hrs
Obro - Bodma - Loo
This short and nice path in the middle of the Loo valley joins the two mountain pastures of Bodma and Loo. The footpath has a gent ...
TheClimber EASY 0.5 hrs
San Grato - Munhi
The path starts at the end of the unpaved road leading to San Grato. From the St-Grat Chapel (1700 DC) the path go through woods o ...
LuBre EASY 1.5 hrs
La Thuile Col de la Seigne - Courmayeur
The path starts in front of the Post Office. Cross the stream following “Faubourg” sign. The path crosses the national road six ti ...
Hiker75 MEDIUM 14 hrs
Lago Gabiet
The path is a journey back in the water cycle: from the power plant to the dam. To reach the starting point by car, follow the bra ...
LuBre MEDIUM 2 hrs
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